Saturday, February 18, 2012

Various pictures of Abraham's frst weeks in Maine!

Shoveling his first snow

He loves to be outside in the snow!

Fell asleep on the couch after a day of playing

Friends came over and all went sledding

He loves to help mommy in the kitchen

Receiving his first Bible ever! Boy was he excited!
A camouflage Bible cover case!

Playing with 3 week old pups!

First time at Friendly's restaurant

Meeting his big sister Chelci..a very exciting moment for him! Although he played shy.

Cabelas trip!

He was quite disappointed that the 'lion' we were telling him about wasn't alive...oh well..we tried!

Learning to ride a bike!

Now learning to shoot a real gun..he did very well for his first time ever! We will have another hunter in the fam!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meeting his siblings at last!

Here's the airport scene, with his siblings anxiously waiting and all our wonderful friends who came all the way to Boston Airport, from 3 different states! MA, NH and ME! We were so blessed!!! Watch the video on Vimeo....

Finally Home!!

Sorry I haven't updated since we got home! What a journey this has been and I will try to make sure everything is in order here....

Jan 24th was the big day that the US embassy was interviewing Abraham's uncle. The interview was set for 7:30am Addis time which would have been 12:30am our time. It was hard sleeping that night for sure! Thank goodness for the bottle of Sleep Works from Advocare that helped me sleep peacefully and not wake up every hour!

I woke up at 5:30am and rushed downstairs to check my e-mail to see if they cleared us...nothing...6:34am I decided to e-mail embassy myself to ask them if we had cleared or not...I kept hitting Send and Receive over and over and over...then Kiara took over hitting the button...then it came, at 7:04am EST we received the long awaited e-mail with this in the Subject line:

Hebert Family Cleared Case

I SCREAMED for joy! I was actually on the phone with my friend Jen so she could attest to my screaming! lol....

Embassy wanted us to choose 3 interview slots and they would send us back confirmation of one of the slots...We chose Jan 30th, Jan 31st and Feb 1st.  They e-mailed back and said Jan 30th at 9am! WOW!

After months of delay and frustration the day was finally here...we purchased our tickets for Jan 25th, arrived in Addis late Thursday night, Jan 26th, then early Friday morning we got to Layla House where our dear boy was waiting for us by the gate! Watch the video here:

He was ready for us, had showered the night before to be clean and ready for his family to arrive. He was all smiles and was so ready to leave and go to the guesthouse...we changed him into his new clothes, walked into his room and gathered all his belongings, mostly all the packages and stuff we had sent him and a few clothes we had left for him, and off we went to the guesthouse, together as a family at last! More to come...........................

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Abraham is coming home!!!!

9 months and 6 days of waiting and today the US embassy cleared our case so now we can fly to Ethiopia and have our visa appointment and bring him home.......FOREVER!!

We received the official e-mail from embassy at 7:04am EST. 

We are rejoicing greatly today and also bustling around packing as I honestly was not expecting to clear and I didn't want to pack so that my hopes wouldn't get too high....silly me!

Jeff and I fly out tomorrow and will be in Addis on Thursday evening, then Friday we will go get our boy!!!

If we can get online to update we will try!  For now, rejoice with us and stay tuned for pictures soon of his homecoming!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tuesday Jan 24th embassy interviews Abraham's uncle!

So here it is Monday morning and I am on pins and needles knowing in less than 24 hours embassy will interview Abraham's uncle and within hours they could clear us.  Please pray for us! Tomorrow will be a day of rejoicing!
I hope to post good news tomorrow!!! Abraham, mommy can't wait to see you again!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What a blessing to have other families from AAI taking pics and videos our son!  This couple was with us when we had our court date back in July. They were such a blessing and we are so thankful for this video of our precious boy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heard from embassy

So this morning we received the e-mail from embassy requesting an interview with Abrahams uncle as well as needing a corrected translated police report. Our agency has requested that Jan 19th be the interview date, so here's hoping we do get that date and we get cleared quickly after the interview. We did hear that embassy is booked on dates so we're really hoping we don't end up in Feb for the interview!

Pray with us that Jan is the month Abraham comes home!!

Here's some recent pictures of him taken by another family who were with us for court, and they are now home with their baby boy. This was during the Ethiopian Christmas time, Jan 7th.